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Wilko Johnson Recording Album With Roger Daltrey

Wilko Johnson Recording Album With Roger Daltrey
Wilko Johnson will record his farewell album with Roger Daltrey.

The terminally ill guitarist, who has been diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer, is to spend his final few days teaming up with The Who singer after meeting him at the GQ Men of the Year Awards earlier this month.

He said: "They did tell me in January I'd be dead in October, but I may last into next year. I hope we'll have something done before I go."

"There are a few more things I want to record. I wrote some songs right after getting this diagnosis."

Despite his inoperable condition, the 66-year-old star, a founding member of Dr. Feelgood and former member of Ian Dury And The Blockheads, insists he will not be making depressing music and won't mention cancer in any of his songs.

He commented: "It won't be morbid, though. I can't have any truck with that."

"The music I want to continue to make, I think, generally should be a laugh not a cry. So there's not going to be any cancer dirges."

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