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Interview With Catfish And The Bottlemen

Interview With Catfish And The Bottlemen

With tuns of radio air play already and their debut single 'Homesick' out today (17th June 2013), Catfish And The Bottlemen are tipped to be the hot topic of this summer. Gigs and Festivals caught up with the band to chat about their previous lives as strippers, practical jokes and their current tour with Glasvegas.

Hi guys, how are you all doing today?

I'm absolutely grand thanks, how are you???

Great thanks! Can you tell us the story your band name, ‘Catfish And The Bottlemen’?

It's a long story but for the first few years of my young, pale life I spent in Australia. Over there there was this busker who used to play glass bottles half full like a drum kit, he was insane!!!! Anyway, his name was Catfish the Bottleman and that was my first recollection of music really so I thought it seemed fitting when it came to naming my band.

How did you all meet and come to form a band?

We all used to be in a stripping team together, you know like we'd all go out as police officers? Or fireman? Superhero's sometimes!!! But Bob got a bit out of shape and the money stopped coming in so we had to re-think our options.

For people who haven’t heard your music before, how would you describe it?

Explosive and Horny.

You released your debut single, ‘Homesick’ today (17th June 2013), how does it feel to have your music out there for people to buy?

It feels absolutely amazing!!!!!! Really does, can't believe how many people are getting involved and the support thats coming in!!!! It feels so good! But if I was them I'd wait at gigs till the merch stand was un-attended and then rob the bugger! 

Was it hard to pick which song you’d release as your debut single?

To be honest 'HOMESICK' was my least favourite of the bunch but as soon as the label heard it they jumped at it, it always seems to work that way? But I didn't even expect it to make the set never mind be our first single.

Where can people find and buy your debut single? or 

You’re from Llandudno in North Wales, can any of you speak Welsh and if so will you be recording any tracks with Welsh lyrics in them, for your debut album?

Haha! We're not actually welsh, nor do we speak it. We literally just live here. But we've just about managed people to understand our accents now, nevermind doing a song in Welschhhhhshchshshhsjshshsh. 

When can fans expect a debut album from you guys?

We're really really eager to get one out ASAP but at the same time we'd like to tour around a bit more first building up the following, ready to drop it so it has a good innings! I always wanted our first album to really mean something to people, so we're gonna work our asses off to get round the country trying to charm people with it first! Maybe the end of the year, if not definitely next year!

You are currently supporting Glasvegas on their June tour, how did the support slot come about?

I've heard....Billy our guitar player is sleeping with there singer? Either that or we have a cracking agent! I'll leave that one up to your imagination.

Have you got any interesting stories from your time on tour so far?

We put glue in our drum techs hair gel a few weeks ago which was a very enjoyable moment! He looked like Bobby Charlton afterwards haha! We've got loads honestly but I don't know if you're allowed to print them. We'll have to speak in person about them!

Which cities and venues do you most enjoy performing at?

We've literally loved every show on the tour! It's been amazing! We're so grateful to people for getting involved!!! We played two really cool shows this month, one in Chester Telfords Warehouse, the greatest small venue on earth and the Camden Barfly which meant the world to us cause we'd signed the record deal in the morning and then sold the place out that night. The time before that there was about 4 people there! It was so strange! WE OWE THAT TO STEVE LAMACQ!

What are your plans for the rest of the summer, do you have any festivals lined up?

We're just gonna tour till santa comes and keep trying to win people over really! We've got loads lined up, Latitude and Wakestock I heard the other night I think! I also got told this morning we're off to Czech Republic with Foals and Queens of the Stoneage which is wild, we can't wait.

Thank you very very much for having me.
All the best,
Van x

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